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Industrial Network and Systems Solutions

Industrial Network and Systems Solutions

We provide Industrial computing solutions along with Industrial Monitors that Withstand harsh environment where they are continuously assaulted by Airborne contaminants, vibration, shock, dust, extreme temperatures and Intrinsically safe.

They are used from the factory floor to the control room to the extremely Harsh military environment.


  • Single Board Computer
  • Industrial Motherboard
  • Backplan
  • Industrial Chasis
  • Industrial Monitor
  • Industrial Power Supply
  • Pannel Computer
  • Digital Signage

Rugged Laptops

We are focused on providing rugged, field-use computing laptops Rugged Laptops are engineered to withstand drops, spills, dust and grime, And to perform in the harshest of environment.

Rugged reliability, low cost of ownership and accolades from reviewers are Just a few of the reasons why Toughbook keeps on winning over the world's Toughest users.

Industrial and Rugged Networking

We provide Industrial and Rugged Networking solutions designed for Mission critical applications in industrial, harsh environment.

We represent Oring , Parvus,Moxa, ICP-DAS.

These environments are characterized by high levels of electromagnetic Interference, wide variations in temperature and humidity, high levels of Vibration or shock, and/or exposure to airborne and particulate matter (e.g. Dust, corrosive gasses, water, etc.). Harsh environments require networking Equipment that is significantly more robust and which contains specialized Component parts that are less susceptible to failure to ensure that the Network remains efficient, secure and operational.

Our robust technology solutions include Ethernet switches, network routers, Wireless devices, serial servers, media converters

Products :

  • Industrial Ethernet Switch & Fiber Switch
  • Industrial Media Converter
  • Industrial Device Server
  • Industrial Cellular VPN Router
  • Peripheral Cards
  • PAC (Programmable Automation Controller)
  • Remote I/O module
  • Signal Conditioning Modules

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